Zero Buying Pressure or Half My Commission Back!

Zero Buying Pressure or Half My Commission Back!

When you come to Mexico and such a beautiful and prosperous location as Cabo San Lucas, you run into a lot of motion. Cabo is a very active place.

We have a great deal of people who visit us from everywhere on planet Earth. We don’t simply have welcomed foreigners blending into the scene, we have local expats and citizens pushing their wares too.

Therefore, with so much going on, you are bound to end up possibly becoming prey to fast-talking con artists in some tourist trap zone if you don’t know what to watch out for.

This is never a pleasant travel experience. It’s no way to discover the best about Cabo either. And it’s entirely preventable!

Not only does this risk of exploitation make a bad impression on you about our genuinely honorable local culture, it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, and could also likely leave a hole in your wallet.

I wish you to avoid such an unsavory experience. Which is why I make a promise in writing in this page that you may count on.


Please understand that what happens more often than not here in Cabo when things go sour is that you end up dealing not so much with charlatans or crooks, but rather with simple-minded people who are poorly trained about sales and are hungry for a quick buck. They’re unprofessional, amateurish, and also opportunistic.

They view you as a short-lived, transitory, new day’s chance of making money fast before you get back in your plane, by telling you whatever you may wish to hear just in order to get you to buy whatever they’re selling. It’s not necessarily dishonest behavior. It’s nimble, ingenious, short-sighted behavior. They know they’re likely never to see you again, and so they peddle and care little about your long-term customer satisfaction.

Believe me, those of us who live here don’t get treated this way once our faces show up in front of theirs day in, day out. But your face will be new and temporary. This is why I’m writing this note to you.


I’m not a new face in Cabo and if you associate with me, I’ll introduce you to my professional network so that your new face gets treated as that belonging to one of my friends.

Why would I do that?

Because I do want to see you again. I want your satisfaction as an honest, sincere testimonial that you came to Cabo, truly found someone to trust, someone who would guide you, and someone who did it all without ever putting any hustle, haste, or hoodwink on you, and that this made you want to come back again and again!

I build my success on my reputation and I need your satisfaction to achieve that.

So, here’s my promise:

I will provide Cabo Patriot Pioneers with trustworthy guidance to choose where and how best to gain a Cabo Life, never pressuring you for any buying decision, or you get half my commission back. This applies even with any real estate engagement you consider me for as your property buyer advocate.

But as I deliver much more than the above service, my promise is more comprehensive than that yet basically identical. Depending on what you purchase from or through me, I furthermore promise to you here in writing:

  • I’ll never talk about money with you first.
  • I’ll always keep our dialogue open and documented.
  • I’ll always be available for consultation.
  • I’ll never request any personal information unnecessarily.
  • I’ll always be ready to explain to you why something is doable or undoable.
  • I’ll always do my best to provide you with reliable information sources that you can verify yourself.
  • I’ll never take you away from any legitimate channel or official process for a short cut.

If ever I break my promise, I will compensate you for my breach by either refunding you your expense, outright paying for the damages I caused you, or furnishing you with up to half my commission as evidence of my dereliction of duty in ensuring your satisfaction if the real estate deal goes through but you’re still not fully satisfied with my advocacy of you during the entire process.

As I don’t work with just anybody, but only with clients who have truly found in Baja California the type of environment and culture where they believe their investment can thrive, I doubt I will ever fail in my attempts to please you. But I want to assure you of a risk-free and delightful experience. And so, I put my promise hereby in writing.

If you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss it. I look forward to working with you and gaining your trust and respect.

Cheers and most sincerely,

Dario Guevara
Cabo Life Enablement Consultant
Cabo Patriot Pioneers
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

August 1, 2022

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