Is Cabo The Right Place For You?


Dario GuevaraHi, I’m Dario Guevara, your Cabo Life Enablement Consultant at Cabo Patriot Pioneers! Welcome to my website.


Please consider me your principal source of information when you’re planning to make Cabo San Lucas your long-term destination and wish thoroughly to plan your exploration of the area.


I’m here to serve you as your key guide and regional resource for either a brief or prolonged visitation.


I will assist you and your family in realizing the Cabo Life, from a basic exploratory tour of the area, to activities and events you’d love responsibly and peacefully to participate in, and even real estate walk-thrus when you become interested and ready to buy property in our beautiful, affordable and safe region of Baja California Sur.


My specialty is working with Cabo Patriot Pioneers.


And who is that?


A patriot pioneer is that sort of time-honoring Boomer or homeschooling family fed up with all the political and cultural toxicity weighing down life in the U.S. or Canada, yet looking for an opportunity to detox and reflect on best alternatives South of The Border.


By retiring in or moving the family to Baja California for an affordable and safe pioneering experience to live as amiable expats in peace and security among Conservative Mexicans and fellow immigrants in first-grade communities, patriot pioneers regain their confidence about the future, and the will to re-engage society to improve it.


If you’re interested to learn more, please call me for a friendly conversation.


I’ve made Cabo my home for several years. It’s where I met my beautiful Canadian wife Julie and we had our first child, and have been forming our home plus helping other expats build their new ones as they’ve chosen Mexico for their next delicious adventure and home base in life.


Let us make that process easier and more exhilarating yet peaceful for you today. I make you a promise in writing to guarantee your satisfaction with zero sales pressure or your money back!


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You can reach me whenever you need information or guidance about making your way to Cabo in safety, comfort, and affordability. Just call me, email or text me. I’ll reply the moment I hear from you. Simply ask for Dario.

+52 624 127 4124

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